Lexa Estate Guardians Isis, bred by Todd Blas was our first Presa Canario. Offspring of Daga Tibicena and Minos De Irema Curto. Solid breeding from old lines gives Isis strong guarding instincts and a balanced temperament. She knows when to work and when to relax.

Golfo De La Arena AKA Banner is our stud male out of Zorro and Requisa De La Arena bred by Arne Pohlmeyer. Stong, muscular and agile along with an extremely high prey drive, fearless and confident with a balanced temperament makes him an easily trainable dog for sport and a fantastic companion.

EL Patrons Acarda, known to us as Rogue, is the youngest member of our pack. Bred by Marius Brecht and Nora Schlz fron Yocanta and Risa De La Arena. Rogue is highly driven and extremely loyal. Always wanting to please.

Presa Canario


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What do I look for in a dog?

Let us show you some things to think about.

There are many things to consider when buying a puppy. Your first thought should be what kind of dog would fit my family or living situation? Of course if you live in a small bachelors suite, a Great Dane or Caucasion Shepherd probably wouldn't be your first choice. If you have kids, you have to think about the size of your children compared to the size of your dog, or if you plan on keeping the dog inside or out. There are certain breeds that are more loyal to family than others, and, even different breeders within those breeds have a different goal for what they want their "brand" of dog to be. For example, I see some breeders in the Presa world that only want the really hard, compound, bitework only dog, while most, it seems, tend to aim for a balance which can be achieved fairly easily given the Presas family devotion. There is no 100% way to know the character of the dog you choose from any breeder, but it helps when you look for breeders that have what you want.

Another thing to think about is do you want to buy from a pure bred dog or do you want to adopt? There are pros and cons to both of these choices. You can get some great working dogs and family companions from shelters as well, but run the risk of undesired traits being past down from unplanned or poor breedings. With a reputable breeder you can reduce those risks because proper care and attention is taken to help prevent accidental breedings, and health and temperament tests are performed to ensure only healthy, stable dogs are bred. Reputable breeders also take the time to research the breed, and their own dogs, to find suitable, potential matches to better the breed.

​What do you want in a dog? Dogs have numerous assets and what they can offer you and your family. Do you want a pet only? Do you want a pet who can do other things? Do you want a hunting dog? A service dog? A allergy detection dog? A sport dog? A personal protection or compound dog? Maybe an estate guardian? There are many different jobs for dogs and many different breeds. There are breeds that are better suited for certain jobs, but the right dog can be trained for many things.

​What breeder do I choose? It took us about a year to choose a breeder for our first dog. Countless hours on the internet, reading and talking to people to make sure we would find someone who is passionate about the breed and not just in it for the money. Some things to look for would be, first and foremost, do they health and temperament test? You see that phrase a lot on our website. That is because we find this to be the most important thing that needs to be done prior to breeding. We have missed out on two potential breedings because the health tests were not complete or the results had not come in in time. We have had our dogs temperament tested by two different people, one locally with over 30 years experience, and by one of the top I.P.O trainers and decoys in Germany, who's opinion of Presas were changed by our dogs. Ask what health tests have been done on the breeders dogs and if they know what tests have been done on the parents. Most breeders will gladly show you the health tests results if you ask. If you know what you want in a dog, ask any question, like "How are your dogs with kids?" "Do you do sports with your dogs?" "Can your dog use a hoola hoop, or stand on its head and whistle dixie?". A good breeder will not be offended or annoyed with the amount of questions you ask, the time you spend looking at the dogs or the kennel. You may also want to consider a kennel that only feeds raw. Make sure the dogs are properly cared for, that they have adequate room to run and their housing is clean. How many litters total or per year have they had?  Have they have had any accidental breedings? Do they have a guarantee? 

A big question is, What is my experience with dogs and can I handle the dog I am choosing? There are litters within the breed that are bred for specific reasons. Some for sport, some for pets and some for hunting and some for aggression. Make sure you have the experience and knowledge to handle your new family member. It is frustrating to see people who want a "hard" dog or a "tough dog" so they look cool, are on an ego trip, or bite off more than they can chew with the breed they choose. These dogs end up with no direction and unable to be controlled and biting someone, so they either get sent to the SPCA and put down or thousands of dollars spent on trainers to fix what wasn't the dogs fault. Breeders who aren't in it for the money will tell you if they don't think that specific litter is right for you.

​Bottom line is, don't feel bad about making return visits or not taking a puppy from that litter. If you don't see a pup that catches your eye for what you want, don't feel that you will offend the breeder. There is no point in paying a couple thousand dollars for a dog and regretting your decision. Dog breeders aren't like Costco, they won't just exchange a dog just because you don't like its colour or you changed your mind. Keeping that in mind good breeders will work with you to get you the desired dog. not only does your choice affect you, but that little furry puppy who needs to be taken care of. 

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